Consumer Protection

Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002
2Day Associates Ltd fully supports all government legislation and therefore offers the following information in accordance with the Electronic Commerce Regulations 2002:

1. Our trading name is 2Day Associates Ltd. Please contact us via email if you wish to ask any questions.

2. Our Terms and Conditions of Sale are concise and fair. They can be found in full detail under their own heading within this section of the website.

3. A reasonable description can be found for each product sold, along with full details of the price and any delivery charges payable. All items are shown inclusive of VAT. Please advise us of any page that is lacking in detail so that it can be amended.

4. Prices are current as shown on our website. We may however need to respond quickly to manufacturers' price alterations, as well as to other factors so prices can move up or down throughout the day. It is guaranteed, however, that the price offered at the time will be the price asked, even if the price is later altered before delivery.

5. The contract is considered binding between ourselves and our customers when we have confirmed the sale either by email, letter or verbal communication.

6. Information about the availability, delivery and dispatch of goods is the responsibility of our sales staff, as we are very keen to ensure that our customers receive their goods as quickly as possible.

7. The manufacturers may experience difficulties in producing or delivering appliances to us within a reasonable period of time. Please do not hesitate to email or phone us to establish the current situation. If we are unable to fulfill the contract for this reason then we will be happy to refund monies paid, or to offer an alternative product. We are looking to you for repeat business in the future, so it follows that we consider good customer relations as a priority.

8. Any complaints should be made by email to info@2dayassociates.com.

9. Customers are reminded that they are entering into a legally binding contract when purchasing goods from this website.

10. This website has been populated and analyzed in depth by ourselves but like all human input, this is open to unintentional error. We will rectify any problem arising from this website as quickly and is reasonably possible.

Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000
For your protection, this website is intended to be fully compliant with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. Customers can read about the features and benefits of products for sale by viewing the appropriate pages of this website. Please inform us if you think that any information is missing.

Customers will receive confirmation of their purchase, usually by email, within a few days of the sale. Also in line with the 2000 regulation, customers have the right to cancel their order within a period of seven working days (Monday-Friday before 12pm latest) from the day of delivery. Written, faxed or emailed correspondence cancelling the sale must be received. Reliance on a telephone conversation is not sufficient.

Please refer to your local trading standards office for full details of the regulations but briefly, items can be returned to us under this legislation if the post and packing is paid for by the customer. Confirmation of the appliance being in perfect condition by the courier company selected is required.

.2DAY Team

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